About Us

About Us

Carsell.ai, a platform that will help car owners sell their cars swiftly at Zero Cost and with Zero Hassles. Carsell works with a select group of highly experienced certified dealers who provide the best value for your car. Our expertise lies in the ability to eliminate cost by doing away with the brokers and middlemen. We guarantee the best price for your car using our proprietary AI/ML technology. Our platform is 100% safe, user friendly and completely free of charge for you. All you need to do is to profile your car with your phone and leave the rest to us. Rest assured, you will be given the best price with a quick turnaround time!

For Car Dealers:

Our sole aim is to ensure used car supply to organized Used Car Dealers with ease and maximize the value to the Seller. Stock sourcing for Certified Pre-Owned Dealers made easy.

For Car Owners:

Eliminates the pain points in selling your car.

3 simple steps : Click. Send. Sold