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Carsell Love Stories

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    Fantastic Service with Follow up’s

    I sold my car, Pajero through Carsell. ai. All I had to do was log into their site, put my car details, clicked pictures and listed my car. The team from CarSell seamlessly worked for me to sell my car. The best part of this was that the service was absolutely free. No service charges, No commission. I would recommend to all. Thank you!.

    on 29th August 2022
  • #
    Sachin Joseph, AG Auto
    New and innovative

    A New and innovative way of buying cars in this digital market. We are very happy that it will be mutually beneficial to both of us.

    on 30th September 2022
  • #
    Bipin Kumar
    Ease of Use

    I chose to sell my car, Altima. The process was easy as all I did was to log into their portal, enter my car details and upload my car pictures. The hard work to get the best offer was done by the CarSell team through their AI interface. The best part of this was that their service was absolutely free, no fee, no commission. I Thank you and recommend it to all to try for themselves.

    on 14th August 2022
  • #
    Ramesh Sundaram
    Smart and Free service

    All I did was I logged into their portal and I put in my car details with the pictures – that’s it. The rest of the CarSell Team worked for me and came up with a better pricing due to their AI technology. The surprising part was no fees, no commission, everything was absolutely free. I do recommend Thank you!.

    on 4th September 2022
  • #
    Filipe Meneses, Al Naboodah Automobiles
    Hassle free for Car Owners & Dealers

    It’s a great opportunity to be a partner with CarSell, a new initiative which allows sellers and buyers to come together on one platform, and it also makes it easier for dealers to access to get these customers. We wish CarSell all the best!

    on 17th September 2022

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Still have doubts ? Check out some frequently asked questions.

What is CarSell?

It is a platform to help car owners to sell their cars quickly, without any hassles and with no upfront costs. We work with 200+ certified dealers who use our AI based technology app to purchase the cars. We connect the best paying dealer with the car owners, removing the brokers, middlemen thereby ensuring best deals for everyone.

CarSell is 100% free for car sellers, 100% hassle free, 100% safe, you can list the car and carry out your daily tasks and we work in the background selling the car for you at the best market price.

How do I sell my car?

It is very simple; all you need to do is fill in the details of the cars on our site and click a few pictures which the link we will send will guide you. Then we take care of everything from here.

When you share the car details with us on the site, we create an online profile and advise you with the best valuation based on the market sales data. Once the car is sold, the dealer contacts the sellers, arranges for a final check matching the condition with the information shared earlier and transfers the ownership on payment of the car price securely and safely.

How much do I need to pay to list my car?

CarSell is 100% free for the seller. No charges absolutely.

If it is 100% free, how does CarSell make money?

CarSell has a tie up with the dealers who pay for sourcing the cars.

With Covid-19 challenges, how safe is it to sell my car on CarSell?

This idea has been developed during the pandemic and is 100% safe as no one comes to check/test drive your car during the entire process. The only instance the dealer comes to do the final check is when the car is sold.

Can I sell the car, even if the car is under bank mortgage?

When you are updating the car details, there is a field which captures if the car is under mortgage. You need to ask for a bank liability letter, normally this takes 1-2 days. The dealer who purchases the car will settle the mortgage with the bank and pay the difference to you. However, if the sale value you get is lower than the mortgage outstanding amount, you will need to pay the difference.

How long does it take to sell the car?

We run daily sale process and the normal time is 2-3 days

What happens if the car is not sold?

There could be a number of reasons for the car not getting sold. It could be the price, market demand for your car, specifications, condition, etc. We will work with you to establish a price that can allow us to sell the car.

How do I upload the photos of the cars?

Once you fill in the basic details of the car, we will send you a link on your mobile phone which will make it easier for you to click the photos. The link will guide you in the sequence of photos which capture all the details of exterior, interior, mileage, tires , service history, etc. We recommend that the car is clean and there is enough light, preferably natural light. As the dealers purchase the car based on the details provided and the photographs taken, from our experience we get better value for the car when the photos are of good quality. Our Customer relation team is available to guide you on this if required.

What are the types of vehicles I can sell?

The dealers are interested in all types of vehicles viz. Saloons, SUV, Sports cars, 4WD, small vans.

Who will collect my car and what would be the process?

Once the sale is confirmed, the dealer will contact you. Most of our certified dealers have arrangements to collect the car from your location. Also, we have made agreements with a few recovery trucks to assist those dealers who don’t have their own process.

For smooth collection process, keep the following documents ready
  1. Registration card
  2. Service history and owner’s manual booklets
  3. Spare keys
  4. Emirates Id, Driver’s license
  5. Bank Liability letter (only in cases the car is financed)
  6. Your bank details
At the time of collection, the dealer will inspect the car so that it matches with the description and the photos provided. They check for exterior body condition, mileage reading, interior condition and mechanics. They may also take a test drive. If all is good, then the dealer will give a confirmation of payment or a purchase order confirming the amount payable. They would then arrange the transfer of ownership and arrange the payment after clearing the bank mortgage (if applicable)

What should I do if no dealer has contacted me?

Normally, you should hear from the dealer within 2 working days, if there is no contact, which is rare, then let our Customer support team know and we will coordinate with the dealer. If for any reason, the dealer backs out we will arrange for another dealer.

More than 200+ verified dealers ready to buy your car

We work with 200+ certified dealers who use our AI based technology app to purchase the cars. We connect the best paying dealer with the car owners, removing the brokers, middlemen thereby ensuring best deals for everyone.

Sell my Car